CTAD Detection Tube

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Used for the detection of coagulation factor, additive agent concludes citron acid sodium, theophylline, adenosine and dipyridamole, stabilize coagulation factor.

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CTAD Detection Tube

CTAD stands for citric acid, theophylline, adenosine and dipyridamole. These are common additive about CATD vacuum blood collection tube which  can prevent the activation of platelet. CTAD tube is excellent in the study of platelet function and coagulation.  Cause it is photosensitive, keep away from light.

Product Function

1) Size:13*75mm, 13*10mm;

2) Material: PET;

3) Volume: 2ml, 5ml;

4) Additive: Sodium Citrate, Theophylline, Adenosine, Dipyridamole;

5) Packaging: 2400pc/box, 1800pc/box;

6) Specimen storage: Without plug, CO2 will be lost, PH will increase and Pt / APTT will be prolonged.


1) Blood collection tubes, syringes and plasma containers shall be made of silicified glass or plastic products.

2) Do not pat your forearm before blood collection.

3) Blood collection should be smooth, and the second tube should be used for hem agglutination examination.

4) The ratio of sodium citrate to blood is 1:9 (pay attention to HCT). Gently reverse and mix well.

5) The specimen should be fresh (2 hours at room temperature), and the plasma should be stored at (- 70 ° C) when refrigerated. Melt rapidly at 37 ° C before the experiment. 

6) Subject Status: physiological changes, dietary changes, environmental factors, taking drugs, strenuous exercise and menstrual period increase fibrinolytic activity, high-fat food can increases blood lipid and inhibits fibrinolytic activity. What's more, smoking can increase platelet aggregation,drinking water can inhibit the aggregation. For the oral contraceptives, it can increase coagulation activity and reduce fibrinolytic activity.


Specimen Collection

1) It is best to draw blood on an empty stomach to ensure the accuracy of the chemical examination.

2) The tourniquet should not be too tight for too long.

3) When using vacuum test tubes to collect blood samples for patients, the procedures of sampling  should be fast and accurate,  or the blood would be coagulated immidiately which would affect the activity of the platelets.

4) When sampling with the second collecting vessel, no need to pat the arm.

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