EDTA-K2/K2 Tube

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EDTA K2 & K3 Lavender-top Blood Collection Tube: Its additive is EDTA K2 & K3. Used for blood routine tests, stable blood collection and whole blood test.



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1) Size:13*75mm,13*100mm,16*100mm

2) Material: Pet/Glass;

3) Volume: 2-10ml

4) Additive: Edta K2/K3

5) Packaging: 2400Pcs/Box, 1800Pcs/Box.

 Blood Collection / Transport Containers

The EDTA tube, which is also called stable blood collection tube. 

When sampling the blood , follow the manual and use the container supported by Lingen Precision Medical , which can improve the accuracy of the test.

The blood volume can be up to the standard after the consumption of the vacuum degree.

It is better to avoid using syringe cause there would be damage to red cells - hemolysis.

If there remains the insufficiency of the sample, inspect whether the needle enter the vein properly or not.

What's more, change another tube if the vaccum tube was broken.

It is should be noted for using plastic tube when the specimen would be frozen at extremely  low temperature.




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