Vacuum Blood Collection Tube — Plain Tube

Short Description:

The inner wall is  coated with preventive agent, which is mainly used for biochemistry.

The other is that the inner wall of the blood collection vessel is coated with the agent to prevent wall hanging, and the coagulant is added at the same time. The coagulant is indicated on the label. The function of coagulant is to accelerate.

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Product Specification

1) Size: 13*75mm, 13*100mm, 16*100mm.

2) Material: PET, Glass.

3) Volume: 2-10ml.

4) Additive: No Additive (The wall is coated with blood retaining agent).

1) Packaging: 2400Pcs/Ctn, 1800Pcs/Ctn.

2) Shelf Life: Glass/2Years, PET/1Year.

3) Color Cap: Red.

Note: We provide OEM service.

Storage Conditions

Store tubes at 18-30°C, humidity 40-65% and avoid exposure to direct sunlight. Do not use tubes after their expiration date indicated on the labels.


1) The instructions must be followed precisely to ensure good performance.

2) The tube contains clot activator should be centrifuged after the blood complete coagulation.

3) Avoid the tubes exposure to direct sunlight.

4) Wear gloves during venipuncture to minimize exposure hazard.

5) Obtain appropriate medical attention if exposure to biological samples in case of the possible transmission of infectious disease.

6) It is not recommended that transferring a sample from a syringe to the tubes since it will be possible to result erroneous laboratory data.

7) The quantity of blood drawn varies with altitude, temperature, barometric pressure, venous pressure and etc.

8) The area with high altitude should use the special tubes for high altitude to ensure the sufficient collection volume.

9) Overfilling or under filling of tubes will result in an incorrect blood-to additive ratio and may lead to incorrect analytic results or poor product performance.

10) Handle or disposal of all biological samples and waste material should be in accordance with local guidelines.

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