Disposable Virus Sampling Kit—ATM Type

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PH: 7.2±0.2.

Color of preservation solution: Colorless.

Type of preservation solution:  Inactivated and Non- inactivated.

Peservation Solution: Sodium chloride, Potassium chloride, Calcium chloride, Magnesium chloride, Sodium dihydrogen phosphate, Sodium oglycolate.

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Difference between inactivated and non-inactivated preservation solution: 

After virus samples were collected, for the reason that PCR detection cannot be carried out in time at the sample collection place,  it is necessary to transport the collected virus swab samples. The virus itself would  break up in vitro soon and affcect the subsequent detection. Therefore, virus preservation solution needs to be added during its storage and transportation. Different virus preservation solutions are used for different detection purposes. Presently, it is mainly divided into inactivated type and non-inactivated type. In order to meet different detection requirements and different virus detection laboratory conditions, it is necessary to use different preservation solutions.

Inactivated Preservation Solution

Inactivated preservation solution: It can cleave the virus in the inactivated sample and make the virus lose its infective activity, which can effectively prevent the operator from secondary infection. It also contains inhibitors, which can protect the virus nucleic acid from degradation, so that the subsequent detection can be carried out by nt-pcr. And it can be stored at room temperature for a relatively long time, saving the cost of virus sample storage and transportation.

Non Inactivated Preservation Solution

Non inactivated preservation solution: It can maintain the activity of the virus in vitro and the integrity of antigen and nucleic acid, protecting the virus protein shell from decomposition, and maintaining the originality of the virus sample to a great extent. In addition to nucleic acid extraction and detection, it can also be used for virus culture and isolation. The virus sampling tube has thickened and its anti-leakage design can ensure no leakage of samples during transportation. It is a sampling tube conformed to WHO's regulations and biosafety regulations.

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