• Saliva Collector

    Saliva Collector

    The high quality saliva collector is manufactured from the Lingen Precision Medical Products (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. It consists of 4 parts including collection funnel, specimen collection tube, the safety cap of the collection tube and solution tube (normally need 2ml solution to preserve the specimen). It is used for collect specimen at room temperature, to storage and ship the virus and DNA specimen.

  • Urine Collector

    Urine Collector

    The present invention relates to a urine collector patch to collect samples or urine, particularly from patients who are unable to provide free flowing samples. The device may incorporate test reagents such that the test is carried out in situ. The reagents may be separated from the urine to enable timed tests to be performed. The invention also provides a urine based test for lactose as an indicator of impaired gut integrity.

  • Vacuum Sterilized Needle Holder

    Vacuum Sterilized Needle Holder

    1) It is used for connecting both the vacuum needle and the vacuum blood collection tube.

    2) After sterilization,please using the product before expiry date.If the protection cap is loose or damaged, please do not use it.

    3) It is one-off product.Do not use it for a second time.

    4) For your health,do not use the same blood lancet with some other person.

  • Embryo Culturing Dish

    Embryo Culturing Dish

    It is applicable to epidemic prevention stations, hospitals, biological products, food industry, pharmaceutical industry and other units for bacterial isolation and culture, antibiotic titer test and qualitative test and analysis.

  • Ovum Picking Dish

    Ovum Picking Dish

    It is used for picking up the ovum under the stereoscope, its inner wall was designed with olecranon structure, easy to dump follicular fluid.

  • Micro-Operating Dish

    Micro-Operating Dish

    It is used for observing shape of oocytes, cumulus cells under microscope, processing oocytes peripheral granular cells, injecting sperm into the ovum.

  • Embryo Culturing Dish

    Embryo Culturing Dish

    The embryo dish is an advanced culture dish designed for IVF that allows group culture of embryos while maintaining individual separation between the embryos.The embryo dish has eight outer wells designed for efficient oocyte, embryo handling and culture.

  • Pasteur Pipette

    Pasteur Pipette

    1. Fire polished tips – no scratching of dishes!
    2. Endotoxin free
    3. MEA and LAL tested
    4. Specifically prepared for the IVF laboratory
  • IVF Pasteur Pipette for IVF Laboratory

    IVF Pasteur Pipette for IVF Laboratory

    1. Optimizing process on surface tension, easy for the liquid flowing.
    2. High transparency, easy to observe.
    3. Can be bend with a certain angle, which is convenient for drawing or adding liquid in irregular or micro container.
    4. High elasticity, adapted to fast liquid transfer without leakage.
  • How Long Does PRP for Hair Really Last?

    How Long Does PRP for Hair Really Last?

    The platelet-rich plasma that is injected into your scalp works to heal affected areas and stimulate reparative cells through the use of growth factors. 

  • What is Prime Power, How do you know if you need a Generator for Prime Power, What is PRP?

    What is Prime Power, How do you know if you need a Generator for Prime Power, What is PRP?

    It can effectively remove all kinds of wrinkles, such as forehead lines, Sichuan characters, crow’s feet, etc., and can also be filled.

  • HA Vacuum PRP Tube

    HA Vacuum PRP Tube

    Treatment Orthopedics, Joint Healing, Filling.

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