Embryo Culturing Dish

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It is applicable to epidemic prevention stations, hospitals, biological products, food industry, pharmaceutical industry and other units for bacterial isolation and culture, antibiotic titer test and qualitative test and analysis.

Embryo Culturing Dish

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The embryo corral dish is an advanced culture dish designed for IVF that allows group culture of embryos while maintaining individual separation between the embryos.

The embryo corral dish has eight outer wells designed for efficient oocyte, embryo handling and culture.The gently sloped concave well bottoms allow oocytes and embryos to settle at a central location away from the well walls.The concave nature of the wells provides the thinnest well bottom possible, helping to reduce refraction and allow for optimal visualization.The wells may reduce droplet collapsing/mixing,offer better orientation/optics, and reduce set-up/observation time.

The embryo corral dish has two central wells designed to take advantage of the potential benefits of group embryo culture.Each embryo corral dish central well is divided into four quadrants.The quadrants are separated by posts to permit media exchange between quadrants without allowing movement of embryos.The oil-media interface acts as a cap for the quadrants to create the individual permeable culture wells. The embryo corral® quadrants have more steeply sloped bottoms to enhance embryo location and aid pipetting in these smaller individual culture wells (quadrants).

Precautions and Warnings

1.Caution:Federal Law (USA) restricts this device to sale by or on the order of a physician (or properly licensed practitioner).

2.Caution:The user should read and understand the Directions for Use,Precautions and Warnings,and be trained in the correct procedure before using the embryo corral dish.

3.Do not use the product if the product packaging appears damaged or broken.

4.For single use only.Do not use after expiry date.

5.To avoid problems with contamination,always practice aseptic techniques.

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