Special Vacuum Blood Collection Tube

  • Red Plain Blood Tube

    Red Plain Blood Tube

    No additive tube

    There is usually no additive or contains minor storage solution.

    The red top blood collection tube is used for serum biochemical blood bank test.


  • Single Muclear Cell Gel Separation Tube—CPT Tube

    Single Muclear Cell Gel Separation Tube—CPT Tube

    Used to isolate monocytes from whole blood.

    It is mainly used for lymphocyte immune function detection like HLA , residual leukemia gene detection and immune cell therapy.

  • CTAD Detection Tube

    CTAD Detection Tube

    Used for the detection of coagulation factor, additive agent concludes citron acid sodium, theophylline, adenosine and dipyridamole, stabilize coagulation factor.

  • RAAS Special Blood Collection Tube

    RAAS Special Blood Collection Tube

    Used for Renin-Angiotensin-Aldosterone (RAAS) detection (three hypertension)

  • ACD Tube

    ACD Tube

    Used for the paternity testing, DNA detection and hematology. Yellow-top tube (ACD) This tube contains ACD, which is used for the collection of full  blood for special tests.

  • Labtub Blood ccfDNA Tube

    Labtub Blood ccfDNA Tube

    Stabilization of Circulating, Cell-free DNA

    According to the products, the blood collection vessels in the liquid biopsy market are divided into CCF DNA tube, cfRNA tube, CTC tube, GDNA tube, intracellular RNA tube, etc.

  • Labtub Blood cfRNA Tube

    Labtub Blood cfRNA Tube

    The  RNA  in the blood can search the most suitable treatment  for specific patients. With the development of many professional measurement techniques, which led to new diagnostic methods. Such as circulating free RNA analysis over the past few years, there has a surge of effect in (pre) analytical conditions related to the workflow of liquid biopsy.