Disposable Virus Sampling Kit

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Model: ATM-01, ATM-02, ATM-03, ATM-04, ATM-05, MTM-01, MTM-02, MTM-03, MTM-04, MTM-05, VTM-01, VTM-02, VTM-03, VTM-04, VTM-05, UTM-01, UTM-02, UTM-03, UTM-04, UTM-05.

Intended Use: It is used for the collection, transportation and preservation of specimen.

Content: The product consists of specimen collection tube and swab.

Storage Conditions and Validity: Store at 2-25 °C; Shelf -life is 1 year.

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Sample Requirements

1) Sample can be taken from throat and nose with swab.

2) The collected samples should be stored in the sample preservation solution. If not tested immediately, please

store at room temperature or refrigerated or frozen, but repeated freeze-thaw should be avoided.

3) Specimen collection swabs must not be put in the preservation solution before use; after collecting sample, it should immediately be put in the preservation tube. Break the swab near the top, and then tighten the tube cover. It should be sealed in a plastic bag or other packaging container, and stored at a specified temperature and submitted for inspection.


1) Take out the sampling tube and swab. Before sampling, mark the relevant sample information on the label of the preservation tube or attach the bar code label.

2) Take out the sample swab and collect sample with the swab at corresponding part according to different sampling requirements.

3. A) Throat specimen collection: First, press the tongue with a tongue spatula, then extend the head of the swab into the throat and wipe the bilateral pharyngeal tonsils and the posterior pharyngeal wall, and gently rotate to take full sample.

3. B) Nasal specimen collection: Measure the distance from the tip of the nose to the earlobe with a swab and mark it with your finger. Insert the swab into the nasal cavity in the direction of the nose (face). The swab should be extended at least half the length from the earlobe to the tip of the nose. Keep the swab in the nose for 15-30 seconds. Gently rotate the swab 3-5 times and take out the swab.

4) Place the swab into the storage tube immediately after collecting sample, break off the swab; dip the head of the swab in the preservation solution, discard the sampling handle and tighten the cap.

5) Freshly collected samples should be transported to the laboratory within 48 hours. If it is used for viral nucleic acid detection, nucleic acid should be extracted and purified as soon as possible. If long-term storage is needed, it should be stored at -40~-70℃ (the stable storage time and conditions should be verified by each laboratory according to the final experimental purpose).

6) In order to improve the detection rate and increase the viral load of the collected samples, samples from throat and nose can be collected simultaneously and put into one sampling tube for examination.

Product Performance Index

1) Appearance: the swab head is made of artificial fiber, synthetic fiber or flocked fiber, etc. The appearance is milky white to light yellow, without stains, burrs or burrs; Sampling tube labels should be firm and clearly marked; no dirt, no sharp edges, no burrs.

2) Specifications:


3) Liquid absorption amount of swab: liquid absorption ≥ 0.1ml (absorption time 30-60 seconds)。

4) Loading quantity of preservation solution: the loading quantity of preset preservation solution in the tube shall not exceed ±10% of the labeled capacity. The labeled capacity is 1ml, 1.5ml, 2ml, 2.5ml, 3ml, 3.5ml, 4ml,5ml, 6ml, 7 ml, 8ml, 9ml, and 10ml.

5) PH of the medium:



1) Please read the full text of this manual carefully and operate it carefully according to the requirements.

2) Operators should be professional and experienced.

3) Wear clean protective gloves and masks during operation;

4) The product should be cryopreserved back to room temperature before use.

5) Please do not put the swab into the sample preservation solution before use.

6) The sample preservation solution shall not be used if leakage, discoloration, turbidity and pollution are found before use.

7) Do not use the product beyond the expiry date.

8) When the relevant sampling materials are discarded, the relevant requirements of the "Medical Waste Management Regulations" and "General Guidelines for Biosafety of Microbiology and Biomedical Laboratories" shall be strictly implemented.

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Product Series and Types

H7N9 Disposable Virus Sampling Kit MTM-01 Inactivated OEM/ODM

1. Manufacturer: Lingen Precision Medical Products (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.

2. Product Model: MTM-01

3. Solution Volume: 2ml

4. Swab Size: 150mm

5. Tube Size: 13*100mm round bottom

6. Cap Color: Red

7. Packaging: 1800kits/Ctn

Disposable Virus Sampling Kit VTM-03 Non-inactivated

1. Manufacturer: Lingen Precision Medical Products (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.

2. Product Model: VTM-03

3. Solution Volume: 2ml

4. Swab Size: 150mm

5. Tube Size: 13*75mm round bottom

6. Cap Color: Red

7. Packaging: 1800kits/Ctn

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