Vacuum Blood Collection Tube — EDTA Tube

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Ethylenediamine tetraacetic acid (EDTA, molecular weight 292) and its salt are a kind of amino polycarboxylic acid, which can effectively chelate calcium ions in blood samples, chelate calcium or remove the calcium reaction site, which will block and terminate the endogenous or exogenous coagulation process, so as to prevent blood samples from coagulation. It is applicable to general hematology test, not to coagulation test and platelet function test, nor to the determination of calcium ion, potassium ion, sodium ion, iron ion, alkaline phosphatase, creatine kinase and leucine aminopeptidase and PCR test.

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a) Size: 13*75mm,13*100mm,16*100mm.

b) Material: PET, Glass.

c) Volume: 2-10ml.

d) Additive: Anticoagulant: EDTA-2K/EDTA-3K.

e) Packaging: 2400Pcs/Ctn, 1800Pcs/Ctn.

f) Shelf Life: Glass/2Years, Pet/1Year.

g) Color Cap: Purple.


1. Select the puncture site and smoothly enter the needle to avoid poor blood flow.

2. Avoid "backflow" in the process of puncture.In the process of blood collection, move gently when loosening the pulse pressing belt. Do not use an overly tight pressure band or tie the pressure band for more than 1 minute at any time during the puncture process. Do not untie the pressure band when the blood flow into the vacuum tube has stopped. Keep the arm and vacuum tube in the downward position (the bottom of the tube is under the head cover).

3. When the tube plug puncture needle is inserted into the vacuum blood collection vessel, gently press the needle seat of the tube plug puncture needle to prevent "needle bouncing".

Recommended Blood Collection Sequence

1) No additive tube:Gel Tube1

2) High Accuracy Two-layer Coagulation Tube:Gel Tube1 , ESR  tube:Gel Tube1

3) High Quality Seperation Gel Tube:Gel Tube1 , High Quality Clot Activator Tube:Gel Tube1

4) Lithium Heparin Tube:Gel Tube1 ,Sodium Heparin Tube:Gel Tube1

5) EDTA Tube:Gel Tube1

6) Blood Glucose Tube:Gel Tube1


Q: What kind of certificate you have?

A: We have ISO, CE certification, etc.

Q: Can you send samples for free?


Q: What it your payment terms?

Generally, TT, D/P or irrevocable L/C at sight, and western union and others.

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