Single Muclear Cell Gel Separation Tube—CPT Tube

Short Description:

Used to isolate monocytes from whole blood.

It is mainly used for lymphocyte immune function detection like HLA , residual leukemia gene detection and immune cell therapy.

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    What It Is CPT Tube

    Single muclear cell gel seperation tube (CPT tube) is added with hypaque, anticoagulant and separation gel. Lymphocytes and mononuclear cells can be easily isolated from whole blood by one-step centrifugation when using a special cell separation gel. It is mainly used for the detection of lymphocyte immune function , HLA or residual leukemia gene detection and immune cell therapy. It provides a standard method for one-step extraction of monocytes for clinical diagnostic specimen preparation and cellular immunotherapy.

    Product Function

    1) Size: 13*100mm, 16*125mm;

    2) Additive Volume: 0.1ml, 135usp;

    3) Blood Volume: 4ml,8ml;

    4) Shelf Life: 24 months from the date of manufacture;

    5) Storage: Store at 18-25 ℃.

    Product Advantage

    1) Efficient, accurate and safe;

    2) With built-in Ficoll Hypaque, anticoagulant and separation gel, mononuclear cells are separated from whole blood by one-step centrifugation.

    3) Precise cell separation technology.

    4) Inner wall bionic membrane processing technology;

    5) The recovery rate of monocytes is more than 90%, the purity is more than 95%, and the survival rate is more than 99% 

    Matters Needing Attention

    The following points should be noted:

    1) When doing the experiment of culturing cells, pay attention to the aseptic operation, sterilize  the reagents (separation solution, washing solution, etc.) and instruments . This operation should be functioned by professionals to guarantee the cohesion of the operation.

    2) Centrifugation temperature is  normally at room temperature (2~25℃) .

    3) Usually when separating mononuclear cells (PBMC) with Ficoll, the quantity of the red blood cell is small, which can effect the accuracy of the experiment. So lysate can be used (some need to be sterilized),  control the lysis time and prevent from affecting the activity of mononuclear cells.

    4) Be cautious abou the re-centrifugation which can double the dilution.

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