High Quality Urine Collector Urine Specimen Container

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This Urine collector is composed of safety cup and vacuum urine collection tube, which is made of Medical grade plastic material. It is mainly used for urine specimen collection.

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● Good sealing performance prevents leakage effectively, it is convenient for specimen storage and transportation. It also can avoid the contact between medical staff and specimen.

● The cap features a label that seals the cannula in order to prevent patients from contacting with collection needle.

● It is available with customized bar code.


During the collection of urine samples, there are the following precautions:

1) Clean, covered and disposable volume is usually used for urine collection, and the volume of the container for urine collection is generally greater than 20ml;
2) The container for urine collection should be labeled, including the name of the patient, the code of the sample and the time of urine sample collection;
3) In the process of collecting urine, the urine in the middle section is usually reserved for examination, so as to avoid leaving the urine in the front or rear section, so as not to affect the test results. In the process of urine retention, try to avoid leucorrhea, semen and feces pollution;4) After taking urine, it should be sent for examination as soon as possible within two hours.

High Quality Urine Collector Urine Specimen Container3

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