Vacuum Blood Collection Tube — Gel Tube

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Separating glue is added in the blood collection vessel. After the specimen is centrifuged, the separating glue can completely separate the serum and blood cells in the blood, then keep it for a long time. It is suitable for emergency serum biochemical detection.

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1) Size: 13*75mm, 13*100mm, 16*100mm.

2) Material: PET, Glass.

3) Volume: 2-10ml.

4) Additive: Separating gel and coagulant (The wall is coated with blood retaining agent).

5) Packaging: 2400Pcs/ Ctn, 1800Pcs/ Ctn.

6) Shelf Life: Glass/2Years, Pet/1Year.

7) Color Cap: Yellow.

Hemolysis Problem

Hemolysis problem, Bad habits during blood collection can cause the following hemolysis:

1) During blood collection, the positioning or needle insertion is not accurate, and the needle tip probes around in the vein, resulting in hematoma and blood hemolysis.

2) Excessive force when mixing test tubes containing additives, or excessive action during transportation.

3) Take blood from a vein with a hematoma. The blood sample may contain hemolytic cells.

4) Compared with the additives in the test tube, the blood collection is insufficient, and hemolysis occurs due to the change of osmotic pressure.

5) The venipuncture is disinfected with alcohol. Blood collection is started before the alcohol is dry, and hemolysis can occur.

6) During skin puncture, squeezing the puncture site to increase blood flow or sucking blood directly from the skin can cause hemolysis.

Recommended Blood Collection Sequence

1) No additive red tube:Gel Tube1

2) High Accuracy Two-layer Coagulation Tube:Gel Tube1 , ESR tube:Gel Tube1

3) High Quality Seperation Gel Tube:Gel Tube1 , High Quality Clot Activator Tube:Gel Tube1

4) Lithium Heparin Tube:Gel Tube1 , Sodium Heparim Tube:Gel Tube1

5) EDTA  tube:Gel Tube1

6) Blood Glucose Tube:Gel Tube1

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