IVF Urine Collector with CE Approved OEM/ODM

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The present invention relates to a urine collector patch to collect samples or urine, particularly from patients who are unable to provide free flowing samples. The device may incorporate test reagents such that the test is carried out in situ. The reagents may be separated from the urine to enable timed tests to be performed. The invention also provides a urine based test for lactose as an indicator of impaired gut integrity.

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Collection of Specimens

The laboratory needs at least 10 ml of urine for a routine UA. The perinaeum area in women or the end of the penis in men should be cleaned before the urine collection. For a female, collecting midstream urine lessens the contamination from vaginal secretions or menstrual flow. Wiping the genitalia with a sterile wipe may stimulate the voiding reflex in infants. Various collection bags can be also be attached to the genitalia of infants or small children. A cotton ball in a diaper can be used for quick collection of urine for dipstick testing. If a culture and sensitivity are to be completed in addition to the routine UA, the urine specimen must be placed in a sterile container. Urine specimens need to be examined within 2 hours. Urine that is left to standing too long becomes alkaline because bacteria begins to split the urea contained in urine into ammonia. Visualization of urine and other tests are inaccurate if the pH of the urine specimen has become highly alkaline. A urine specimen should be refrigerated if it cannot be sent to the laboratory within 2 hours.

Product Use

1) Used for sample collection of microbiology, urinalysis, histology and transportation in harsh conditions.

2) Its special nut provides a good leak-resistant seal.

3) Apply different colors cap.

4) Good sealing  prevents leakage effectively, it is convenient to store and transfer specimen. It also can avoid the contact between medical staff and specimen.

5) There is a label  that seals the cannula in order to prevent patients from contacting with collection needle.

6) It is available to customize bar code.



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