2022 US and global health care outlook

Laying a foundation for the future

Rising health care costs.Changing patient demographics.Evolving consumer expectations.New market entrants.Complex health and technology ecosystems.Health care stakeholders need to invest in value-based care,innovative care delivery models,advanced digital technologies,data interoperability,and alternative employment models to prepare for these uncertainties and build a smart health ecosystem.

A US perspective on health care trends

For health plans,hospitals,and health systems,2020 will likely be the year of the consumer…or at a minimum,the year of greater consumer influence.While Congress and the administration have been pushing for more interoperability and greater price transparency for drugs and for hospital costs,these changes are actually being pushed by,or at least inspired by consumers.

The Deloitte Center for Health Solutions recently interviewed health plan and health system CEOs to determine which factors they thought would have the most significant impact on the health sector.There is a recognition among sector leaders that they need to navigate a changing landscape that has new rules and more and different competitors.In response,many of them said they are trying to determine how to improve convenience and access,reduce costs,and transition to more of a digital and actively engaged consumer experience.But the consumer isn’t the only factor that CEOs expect will have an influence on health plans,hospitals,and health systems in 2020 and beyond.Here are five more:

       1) Value-based payment models

       2) The transition from inpatient to outpatient

       3) Consolidation and integration

       4) Non-traditional players

       5) Interoperability




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Post time: Aug-08-2022