Vacuum Blood Collection Tube — Heparin Sodium Tube

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Heparin was added to the blood collection vessel. Heparin has the function of antithrombin directly, which can prolong the coagulation time of samples. It is suitable for erythrocyte fragility test, blood gas analysis, hematocrit test, ESR and universal biochemical determination, but not for hemagglutination test. Excessive heparin can cause leukocyte aggregation and cannot be used for leukocyte counting. Because it can make the background light blue after blood staining, it is not suitable for leukocyte classification.

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Product Specification

1) Size: 13*75mm,13*100mm,16*100mm.

2) Material: Pet,Glass.

3) Volume: 2-10ml.

4) Additive: Anticoagulant: heparin lithium or heparin sodium.

5) Packaging: 2400Pcs/Ctn, 1800Pcs/Ctn.

6) Shelf Life: Glass/2Years, Pet/1Year.

7) Color Cap: Dark green.


1)  It is not recommended that transferring a sample from a syringe to the tubes since it will be possible to result erroneous laboratory data.

2) The quantity of blood drawn varies with altitude, temperature, barometric pressure, venous pressure and etc.

3) The area with high altitude should use the special tubes for high altitude to ensure the sufficient collection volume.

4) Overfilling or under filling of tubes will result in an incorrect blood-to additive ratio and may lead to incorrect analytic results or poor product performance.

5) Handle or disposal of all biological samples and waste material should be in accordance with local guidelines.

Recommended Blood Collection Sequence

1) No additive red tube:Gel Tube1

2) Sodium citrate blue tube:Gel Tube1 , ESR black tube:Gel Tube1

3) Serum gel yellow tube:Gel Tube1 , Coagulant orange tube:Gel Tube1

4) Plasma separation gel light green tube:Gel Tube1 , Heparin green tube:Gel Tube1

5) EDTA purple tube:Gel Tube1

6) Sodium fluoride grey tube:Gel Tube1

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