Vacuum Blood Collection Tube — Heparin lithium tube

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There is heparin or lithium in the tube which can strengthen the effect of antithrombin III inactivating serine protease, so as to prevent the formation of thrombin and prevent various anticoagulant effects. Typically, 15iu heparin anticoagulates 1ml of blood. Heparin tube is generally used for emergency biochemical and test. When testing the in blood samples, heparin sodium cannot be used to avoid affecting the test results.

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a) Size: 13*75mm,13*100mm,16*100mm.

b) Material: Pet,Glass.

c) Volume: 2-10ml.

d) Additive: Separation gel and heparin lithium.

e) Packaging: 2400Pcs/Ctn, 1800Pcs/Ctn.

f) Shelf Life: Glass/2Years, Pet/1Year.

g) Color Cap: Light green.


1) The instructions must be followed precisely to ensure good performance.

2) The tube contains clot activator should be centrifuged after the blood complete coagulation.

3) Avoid the tubes exposure to direct sunlight.

4) Wear gloves during venipuncture to minimize exposure hazard.

5)  Obtain appropriate medical attention if exposure to biological samples in case of the possible transmission of infectious disease.

Hemolysis Problem

Hemolysis problem, Bad habits during blood collection can cause the following hemolysis:

1) During blood collection, the positioning or needle insertion is not accurate, and the needle tip probes around in the vein, resulting in hematoma and blood hemolysis.

2) Excessive force when mixing test tubes containing additives, or excessive action during transportation.

3) Take blood from a vein with a hematoma. The blood sample may contain hemolytic cells.

4) Compared with the additives in the test tube, the blood collection is insufficient, and hemolysis occurs due to the change of osmotic pressure.

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