Nucleic Acid Detection White Tube

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It is specially used for nucleic acid detection, and is completely produced under purification conditions, which minimizes possible contamination during the production process and effectively reduces the impact of possible carry-over contamination on experiments.

Five Criteria for Identifying Qualified Vacuum Blood Collection Tubes

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1. Suction volume experiment: The suction volume, that is, the amount of blood drawn, has an error within ±10%, otherwise it is unqualified. The inaccurate amount of blood drawn is a major problem at present. This not only results in inaccurate inspection results, but also causes clogging and damage to the inspection equipment.

2. Container leakage experiment: The vacuum blood collection tube containing the sodium fluorescein composite solution was placed upside down in deionized water for 60 minutes. Under the long-wave ultraviolet light source, no fluorescence was observed under normal vision in the dark room, which was qualified. Leakage of the container is the main reason for the inaccurate blood volume of the current vacuum blood collection tube.

3. Container strength test: the container is subjected to a centrifuge with a centrifugal acceleration of 3000g for 10 minutes, and it is qualified if it does not rupture. Strict requirements abroad are: 2 meters above the ground, the vacuum blood collection tube falls vertically without breaking, which can prevent accidental damage to the test tube and loss of specimens.

4. Minimum free space experiment: The minimum space to ensure the blood is fully mixed. The amount of blood drawn is 0.5ml-5ml, >+25% of the amount of blood drawn; if the amount of blood drawn is >5ml, >15% of the amount of blood drawn.

5. Accuracy experiment of solvent, solute mass ratio and solution addition amount: the error should be within ±10% of the specified standard plant. This is an easily overlooked and common problem, and it is one of the main reasons for inaccurate test data.

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