World Embryologist Day,Pay Tribute to the Creator of Life

Origins of World Embryologist's Day

July 25, 1978, the world's first test-tube baby Louise Brown was born, among which embryologists play an important role, in order to recognize embryologists to the important contribution of assisted reproductive medicine, July 25 is designated as "World Embryologist Day".

Conditions for developing high-quality embryos

Have a young and functioning ovary. However, modern people often lead to the decline of ovarian function due to various reasons, such as late marriage and late childbirth, which leads to the over age of women preparing for pregnancy and the decline of ovarian function; Irregular work and rest, greater mental pressure, or unhealthy diet and lack of exercise and other factors have damaged ovarian function. Therefore, remind female friends to establish good living habits and protect ovarian function. Only good ovaries can provide high-quality eggs and lay a good foundation for embryo culture.

Pay tribute to the creator of life

When it comes to embryo laboratories, everyone's impression is mysterious. When it comes to embryologists, everyone's impression is strange. It seems that it is difficult for them to meet patients face to face, and they work more behind the scenes. In order to have a comfortable growth environment for embryos, embryologists work in an "isolated" environment, where they can't see the sun, feel the four seasons, and are more like a silent guard day and night. Their work is egg picking, semen processing, insemination, embryo culture, embryo freezing and thawing, embryo transfer, pre transplant diagnostic technology, etc. focusing on the microscope is their daily work, serious and meticulous is their attitude. They devote themselves to their work, cultivate new lives with meticulous care, and bring laughter and fulfillment to thousands of families. As embryologists' Day approaches, I wish the embryologists we have been paying silently a happy holiday and say sincerely: you have worked hard!
World embryologist day
World embryologist day

Post time: Jul-25-2022