Lingen Precision Medicine Debuted at the 15th National Academic Conference on Reproductive Medicine

Lingen Precision Medicine debuted at the 15th National Academic Conference on Reproductive Medicine.

August 5-August 7, 2022,the 15th National Academic Conference on Reproductive Medicine of the Chinese Medical Association,held successfully in Xiamen International Convention and Exhibition Center.

This session covers assisted reproduction.Professional knowledge, clinical research, the latest progress and development trends at home and abroad, and top manufacturers exhibit their latest products in assisted reproduction.

During the conference, the booth of Lingen Precision Medicine (Hall C2 L07) was full of visitors, especially the fully automatic karyotype analysis pre-processing workstation launched in this exhibition attracted the warm attention of professionals in the industry and became the booth of Lingen.The biggest highlight.

At the same time, Lingen also brought its full set of assisted reproduction products and cytogenetics products to exhibit and communicate with its peers. Dish (Registration Certificate No.: Shanghai Machinery Note 20202180112), round bottom test tube, frozen carrier rod, sperm upstream tube, sperm freezing tube, semen collection cup, multi-hole sampler, tall cylinder, frozen aluminum rack, Pasteur pipette , Pasteur pipettes and other consumables and cytogenetics series products - peripheral blood lymphocyte culture medium.

On August 7th, the exhibition came to an end. Thank you again for your warm support from experts and guests!

Lingen Precision Medicine will never forget its original intention, devote itself to the development of human health, and move forward bravely!


Post time: Aug-18-2022