Disposable Virus Sampling Kit—VTM Type

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Interpretation of test results: After collecting samples, the sampling solution turns yellow slightly, which will not affect the nucleic acid test results.

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Use and description of virus sampling tube:

1. It is used for the collection and transportation of clinical pronovirus of 2019 novel coronavirus, influenza, avian influenza (such as h7n9), hand foot mouth disease, measles, norovirus, rotavirus and mycoplasma, Urea plasma and chlamydia.

2. The virus and related samples shall be stored and transported within 48 hours under refrigeration (2-8 ℃).

3. Long time storage of virus and related samples at - 80 ℃ environment or liquid nitrogen environment.

Main Components

Hank's solution alikali, gentamicin, fungal antibiotics, cry protectants, biological buffers and amino acids.

On the basis of Hank's, adding HEPES and other virus stabilizing components can maintain the activity of the virus in a wide temperature range, reduce the decomposition speed of the virus and improve the positive rate of virus isolation.

Usage Of Virus Sampling Tube

Sample requirements:The collected nasopharynx swab samples shall be transported at 2 ℃ ~ 8 ℃ and sent for examination immediately. The transportation and storage time of samples shall not exceed 48 hours

Inspection Method

1. Before sampling, mark relevant sample information on the label of the sampling tube.

2. According to different sampling requirements, samples were taken from the nasopharynx with a sampling swab.

3. Specific sampling methods are as follows:

a) Nasal swab: gently insert the swab head into the nasal palate in the nasal tract, stay for a moment, and then slowly rotate and exit. Wipe the other nostril with another swab, immerse the swab head into the sampling solution, and discard the tail.

b) Pharyngeal swab: wipe bilateral pharyngeal tonsils and posterior pharyngeal wall with a swab. Similarly, immerse the swab head into the sampling solution and discard the tail.

4. Quickly put the swab into the sampling tube.

5. Break the part of the sampling swab higher than the sampling tube and tighten the tube cover.

6. The freshly collected clinical specimens shall be transported to the laboratory within 48h at 2 ℃ ~ 8 ℃.

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