Disposable Virus Sampling Kit —UTM Type

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Composition: Hanks equilibrium salt solution, HEPES, Phenol red solution L-cysteine, L – glutamic acid Bovine serum albumin BSA, sucrose, gelatin, Antibacterial agent.

PH: 7.3±0.2.

Color of preservation solution: red.

Type of preservation solution: Non- Inactivated.

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Product Introduction

This reagent adopts the formula of standard virus preservation solution recommended by who and is used in combination with virus sampling tube and virus sampling swab for SARS. New coronavirus pneumonia, clinical influenza, avian influenza, hand foot mouth virus, measles and other virus samples, as well as Mycoplasma, chlamydia and Urea plasma samples collection and transportation. The reagent can maintain the activity of virus in a wide temperature range, reduce the decomposition speed of virus and improve the positive rate of virus isolation.

After sampling, the reagent can be used for storage and transportation of virus and related samples within 48 hours under refrigeration (2-8 ℃), as well as virus and related samples; Long term storage of relevant samples at - 80 ℃ or in liquid nitrogen.

Precaution: If the collected samples are used for the detection of virus nucleic acid, they need to be combined with nucleic acid extraction kit and nucleic acid detection reagent. If used for virus isolation use, need to cooperate with the use of cell culture medium.

Product Features

Hank's Buffer, Inorganic salts, Amino acids, Phenol red, Protein Stabilizers, Broad spectrum antibiotics, PP tubes. It can stabilize the integrity of the pathogen structure and form for a long time, and the pathogen is infectious for a long time. Samples inactivated by reliable methods can be tested for nucleic acid, antigen, serological testing, biochemical analysis, etc.

Storage condition: 4 ℃.

Shelf life: 1 year.

Reagent components: Hank's solution, BSA, gentamicin, fungal antibiotics, etc.

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